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The viruses baby brother. Malware these days is like the calm before the storm, the malware enters your computer, usually whilst your surfing the net, disables your antivirus program then tell their buddies the good old virus to come on in ready to reek havoc on your computer. Their often not detected by your traditional virus program so malware is fast becoming as big of a problem as viruses. At Amazing Computers we have all the latest programs available to remove Malware effectively so that you reduce the risk of getting a virus. Malware is best stopped by running an effective Internet Security suite that protects you against viruses and malware infections.

Need an up to date Internet Security Suite? At Amazing Computers we are authorised AVG resellers who offer discounted prices to our clients. Donít forget to ask about our great pricing when booking your computer in. You will be ďAmazedĒ how cheap it is to run an effective internet security suite purchased from Amazing Computers.

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